Live Actor/Horror with live actor


60 min


2-6 person

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The town is horrified by a series of unexplained deaths. Locals are afraid to go out after sunset because they believe the town is haunted by the spirit of Sandy, a long-haired girl who has been drowned in a well for suspicion of being a witch in the past. According to legend Sandy crawls out of the well every night to find her offenders and have her revenge. Who dares to stop the deadly curse? Could it be you?


Escape before it's too late! Find clues in the most unexpected places, solve puzzles and be ready to face the demon face to face. Dubai's scariest horror room awaits the bravest souls for the ultimate thrill!


Please be aware that this room is not suitable for visitors with epilepsy, claustrophobia or life support devices, including pacemakers, monitoring systems and hearing aids. Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended for your safety.


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