We accept a max. of 3 players/game. An exception can be made for 6 players with the same family name (identification required).
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Escape Room Dream Team Line-up!

Escape rooms are designed to test the skills of the ordinary player, but have you ever wondered how the extra-ordinary would fare in similar circumstances? This dream team line-up features a mix of real-life individuals and fictional characters, each of whom brings their own unique talents to the table.

Read on to find out who makes the cut in our ultimate team building escape room… 

Name: Sherlock Holmes

Occupation: Forensic Detective

The first player in our dream team line-up is the perfect candidate and needs no introduction. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s world-famous fictional detective has been portrayed numerous times on both TV and in film – most recently by Benedict Cumberbatch. 

We can safely say that Sherlock could single-handedly complete an escape room, and do it in record time; such is his prowess in the art of deduction…

Name: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Occupation: Astrophysicist

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an expert in a number of fields including astrophysics, physical cosmology and science communication. You may know him from his award-winning TV show, ‘Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey’, where he skillfully explains the mysteries of the known and unknown universe.

Simply delegate the particularly difficult tasks to the Mensa member on your team and voila… problem solved!

Name: Dana Scully

Occupation: FBI Agent

Dana Scully makes up one half of the FBI duo Mulder and Scully from the hit TV show ‘The X-Files’. Scully is a physics graduate and trained medical doctor who uses logic and reason to understand and make sense of unexplainable extraterrestrial occurrences.

If there were a red herring or two placed sneakily throughout the room, Scully would undoubtedly be the first to spot them!

Name: Dr. Strange

Occupation: Neurosurgeon/Superhero

This might not be fair to all the escape room owners out there, but the final spot on our fantasy team goes to someone with a little bit of magic… okay, okay, A LOT of magic! Dr. Strange is a marvel superhero and Sorcerer Supreme who can alter the fabric of space and time using spells and ancient artefacts. Oh, and he also has genius-level intellect…

Dr. Strange would be your wildcard pick when things aren’t going well and time is running out. Have seconds to spare? Don’t worry – he’s got you covered!


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