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No Way Out

No Way Out is the most happening Escape Room adventure in town! Be it date night, team-building outings, birthday treats, family-bonding time or a weekend plan, we are the ultimate chill out zone in Dubai.

Our game hub offers 4 real life escape rooms with striking and innovative theme designs and varying levels of difficulty guaranteeing adrenaline-boosting experiences that command multiple visits from fans to the Room Escape Games in Dubai.

Experience the chilling atmosphere of Dr Hannibal Lector’s Silence of the Lambs-style prison cell as you struggle to free yourself from ...read more

The Leonardo Da Vinci chamber beckons everyone to put their intellectual capacity to test. Go over a maze of 15th century ...read more

Experience the fantastical excitement of being in the School of Witchcraft by helping the headmaster defeat the dark... read more

Encounter a high-tech interaction with the unknown in a gothic setup that is sure to raise the hairs on your neck. Read life-saving clues... read more



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No Way Out
Tel: +971 4 243 8208
Mob: +971 55 679 3362
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JLT, HDS Business Centre, Shop No. 05, Cluster M
Dubai, UAE

What's fantastic about No Way Out?

Experience escape game flow like never before. Each room has game plots that are thoughtfully scripted to sync with the uniquely designed interiors. A 60-minute time slot is allotted per game; every ticking of the clock makes the escape time that much more exhilarating! The challenge lies in making the escape by cracking each puzzle and getting to the next one before time runs out.

The escape time is made compelling with a perfect hint system that egg on the decoding process using different escape room props, puzzles and codes that need to be deciphered. The games are designed to cater to all age groups. Escape challenges are smartly themed and organised using creative as well as techy puzzles which make the games easy and tough in equal measures; making it challenging and fun for everyone.


It's a different ball game!

It’s a brand new way to spend your free time. Ditch the mundane and do something exciting and interactive – a perfect combination of adventure, action and mystery. The thrill of looking for clues and solving problems can trigger any curious mind. Quizzes and number games reveal clues that are to be used to move ahead in the game before you run out of time. Rooms closely resembling movie sets go a long way in ensuring the logical flow of puzzles. The games use both traditional escape room puzzles using locks, numbers, signs as well as high-tech gadgetry. A word of caution: it could get really addictive.


Great team-building activity

This escape room fun lets team members get closer by putting them through challenging but solvable puzzles together. Smart people like great challenges and No Way Out escape game plots are designed to engage your brain in different ways, ultimately giving you a sense of accomplishment once you manage the exit. No Way Out escape games not only guarantee enjoyable moments but also puts your communication skill to the ultimate test.

Friendly Atmosphere

The innovative game themes and the helpful staff at No Way Out, makes this the best escape game centre in Dubai. Our game masters are excellent communicators who can explain the game rules clearly and briefly (because we know elaborate explanations are the exact opposite of fun)! The staff here is eager to help and guide you through your escape room journey.

With pocket-friendly price tags for all age groups, No Way Out is a fantasy world filled with its own adventures for a perfect bonding session. Challenging and scary, intellectually stimulating puzzles will transport gamers to another world which promises great and memorable adventures.

Escaping from the game room in record time comes with fun-packed action that demands active planning as friends, family or group in a high-tech as well as traditionally arranged clue environment using maps, books, chests, sign-charts with difficulty levels that challenge your brain and muscle power at the same time. In short, No Way Out is a must visit when in Dubai.